Homes Sold in Eppington South

Your comprehensive list of homes that have sold in the past year.

Date ClosedAddressClosed PricePrice per Square Foot
2/6/17606 Chase Court$708,175$166.36/sqft
1/20/17470 Langston Place Dr$665,670$130.06/sqft
3/31/17641 Chase Court$650,000$171.96/sqft
5/17/17697 Chase Court$635,000$143.99/sqft
2/6/17713 Chase Court$590,000$157.08/sqft
7/27/17463 Langston Place Dr$575,000$153.46/sqft
2/15/17705 Chase Court$515,000$163.23/sqft
5/17/17580 Medora Lane$830,000$193.20/sqft
8/22/17962 Castlewatch Dr$685,000$174.34/sqft
4/12/17712 Chase Court$582,900$164.85/sqft
3/20/172943 Eppington South Dr$420,000$150.11/sqft

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