Homes Sold in Indian Land

Your comprehensive list of homes that have sold in the past 30 days.

Date Closed
Closed Price
Price per Square Foot
1/19/188282 Henry Harris Road$1,775,000.00$304.77/sqft
1/3/182025 Carnoustie Court$865,000$145.21/sqft
1/15/186077 Arundale Lane$640,000$113.46/sqft
1/3/183035 Manchester Court$534,000$107.86/sqft
1/22/183026 Linda Vista Court$533,000$122.16/sqft
1/26/188005 S Dorchester Trace$510,000$117.19/sqft
1/26/1827230 Preston Place$500,000$112.79/sqft
1/12/187159 Brookstone Lane$482,000$128.23/sqft
1/11/187142 Brookstone Lane$469,000$136.46/sqft
1/25/183001 Drummond Ave$415,000$113.67/sqft
1/3/1816287 Reynolds Drive$412,500$111.37/sqft
1/8/183433 South Red Tail Ct$373,900$117.32/sqft
1/31/181005 Squire Drive$366,084$126.85/sqft
1/11/1823101 Kingfisher Drive$362,500$174.03/sqft
1/11/18130 Sweet Briar Drive$360,979$106.17/sqft
1/8/1810224 Scotland Ave$358,000$96.91/sqft
1/18/18829 Spelman Drive$345,999$130.57/sqft
1/26/182923 Hiddenbrook Way$345,010$129.31/sqft
1/8/182081 Clover Hill Road$331,000$101.72/sqft
1/19/182927 Hiddenbrook Way$329,415$129.18/sqft
1/24/183054 Carriage Oak Way$329,345$151.98/sqft
2/1/182072 E Foxwood Ct$315,000$104.24/sqft
1/30/181458 Rosemont Drive$306,000$101.66/sqft
1/19/181080 Waterlily Drive$303,204$138.07/sqft
1/2/183039 Keswick Terrace$290,000$136.09/sqft
1/3/182482 Chatham Drive$290,000$85.72/sqft
1/26/18180 Sweet Briar Drive$289,900$142.04/sqft
1/19/184262 Perth Road$285,000$128.90/sqft
1/12/181017 Wells Lane$285,000$134.31/sqft
1/25/185008 Tatton Lane$284,000$110.59/sqft
1/3/186248 Kilchurn Drive$273,000$122.42/sqft
1/18/182147 Newport Drive$269,500$117.17/sqft
1/31/183176 Bridgewater Street$265,000$154.61/sqft
1/5/182196 Reid Pointe Ave$238,000$106.68/sqft
1/19/181020 Bancroft Court$225,000$137.70/sqft
1/3/189309 Possum Hollow Rd$225,000$156.47/sqft
1/3/183981 Yosemite Way$216,000$196.36/sqft
1/30/18303 Straightaway Lane$209,000$129.49/sqft

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