South Carolina houses 50 craft breweries with the number steadily climbing.

A recent addition to that opened its doors just south of us in Rock Hill on Oakland Avenue.  In 2009, a lawyer, a landscape architect, two bankers and a computer guy figured beer making was a worthwhile use of time. LegalRemedy was born, and this crew started entering homebrew competitions. Over time, they figured they would “go legal"... so they got a license from the Feds. Shortly thereafter in 2014, the first legal batch of LegalRemedy went to market. About nine months after that, the brewery on Oakland Avenue opened.

24 taps serve a wide selection and multiple styles of beer, so you will find the perfect beer and the legal profession, will no doubt be happy to sample beers with names like Alibi, Pro Bono, Motion to Strike while sitting on the big spacious outdoor beer garden, or munching on well-prepared appetizers.

The Charcuterie Plate with a selection of artisan meats and cheeses, stout mustard, pepper jelly, fig jam and candied pecans is my favorite and a great way to enjoy good conversation and great local beer.
Come down and join me!

LegalRemedy is located at 129 Oakland Avenue and is closed on Mondays but is open the rest of the week. Check out their website for opening hours.

By: Rene Lurion of The Linda Hall Team